Morning, Junicorn 3, Junicorn 1, Number and Chained
Artist's Comments:
Morning: Found this piece that's about 3 years old and mostly finished, and decided to complete it :)

Junicorn 3: I spent tooooooo long on this and it 100% didn't come out how I envisioned but I rather like it. I did record it, so at some point I'll edit it together and you can see how hard I cheated on the flowers.

In any case, another one for #junicorn

Junicorn 1: Just a quick limited-pallet psycadellic unicorn for #junicorn

Number: A second piece, this time with a different color pallet but still containing fantastical elements. These are fun! Hoping to have to more to go with 'em.

Chained: Just a personal piece, where I specifically wanted to try a limited pallet and lots of detail. A few ideas that had been kicking around collided in the design, and I rather like the final result. and the artwork presented on it (unless otherwise noted) is property of Shannon Fowler, and is not to be distributed without credit or permission.