Green Greens, Gumdrops Rain From Above
Artist's Comments:
Green Greens: For my contribution to this zine, I decided to do a small homage to my fondest memory with Kirby, trying to push the logic of the classic Game Boy Game environment into a more colorful version.

Please take a look at the Kirby Zine Tumblr for previews from the other artists. All profits from this project go to benefit Meals on Wheels!

Gumdrops Rain From Above: Books have arrived and are being shipped now, so we have permission at last to post our submissions to the Overwatch Celebrations Zine. Ya'll should check out the fantastic works from all the artists. I chose the Winter event because it has basically my 3 favorite skins ever :D

And, if you’re interested, there appear to be a few copies of the physical zine left - all benefits go to Doctors Without Borders :) and the artwork presented on it (unless otherwise noted) is property of Shannon Fowler, and is not to be distributed without credit or permission.